AND THEN THERE WERE NONE - Find the cast list HERE.

ROALD DAHL'S JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH SHOWS WILL RUN JULY 25th - 26th AND AUGUST 1st - 2nd at Bob Burton Center for the Performing Arts, Fallbrook, CA

POSTPONED INDEFINITELY -AGATHA CHRISTIE AND THEN THERE WERE NONE - Spring 2020 - High School Show. Actors MUST be registered for a spring class, and have read the play in order to audition! Please fill out your online ATTWN Audition Form here and your online ATTWN Conflict Form here.

This is a class and a show. We will be casting 1 or 2 casts depending on the abilities of the actors for this particular show.

Students auditioning are required to be enrolled in spring classes, and have read the play. Please enroll in classes soon so that you have a place in another class you might like. If you are cast in the show, your class enrollment will be moved to the "Advanced Acting - And Then There Were None Cast"  class. This will occur after the audition process on March 17th. There will also be a $150 production fee that will be due after casting.

Students that aren't cast in the show will remain in the classes they previously chose.

Because the class runs on Saturday, students that are cast are free to also sign up for a Tuesday class if they would like.

Considered the best mystery novel ever written by many readers, And Then There Were None is the story of ten strangers, each lured to Indian Island by a mysterious host. Once his guests have arrived, the host accuses each person of murder. 

CYT shows are appropriate for the entire family and are an excellent way to introduce children to the arts! CYT produces one Broadway-style musical each session. Enrollment in CYT classes provides students (ages 8-18) the opportunity to audition for their Affiliate’s current production. Students not cast in the show are encouraged to participate in other ways. Depending on age and ability, students (and siblings) can participate on the backstage crew, technical team, or the costume and makeup committees.

Current Shows:


Students enrolled in CYT classes are invited to audition for their Affiliate’s current production. Auditions typically consist of a one-minute song performed for the Artistic Team, with the possibility to learn and perform a short dance routine. The audition process may also include a “callback” in which a student may be asked to read for a speaking role in the play.  Auditions are a wonderful way for students to gain self-confidence and to show the best of their talents!

Production Teams

Parents are the backbone of CYT! Without them, CYT would not be the family-oriented organization that it is and could not produce the high-quality community shows that it does.

At least one parent of each student cast in the production must serve on a CYT Production Team. Options include, but are not limited to: costumes, refreshments, props, greenroom, backstage, public relations, sets, docents, technical, make-up, programs, and house management.

School Days

CYT brings the best in children’s theater to students throughout the county. Literature from the classroom comes to life on stage in quality productions with colorful costumes, professional staging, energetic choreography and singing. All performers and crew members are students ages 8 –18. Docents are available for classroom presentations to help prepare your students for the performance, discussing the story and explaining theater etiquette. The docent may also display props and costumes, demonstrate stage techniques or bring along a cast member.

CYT School Day performances are designed specifically for elementary and middle school classes. Last year over 40,000 students attended our productions.