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What is CYT?

Christian Youth Theater (CYT) is an after-school theater arts training program for students entering Kindergarten through Age 18. Since its founding in 1981 in San Diego, CYT has grown to be the largest youth theater in the nation and is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization funded primarily through its tuition, ticket sales, and outside contributions. CYT Riverside County is one of many CYT affiliates across the country training thousands of students each year, and is a licensee of CYT, Inc., located in San Diego, CA. CYT Riverside County opened as CYT Temecula (an area of CYT San Diego) in the fall of 1991. With the hope of bringing the CYT experience to more children and families in Riverside County, CYT Temecula transitioned to CYT Riverside County, a licensed (locally operated) affiliate in August, 2011.

Because CYT does not own facilities for classes or productions, the organization works through the local community, utilizing classrooms and stages in churches, schools and local theaters. CYT is not affiliated with a church body, and people of all faiths are welcome.

CYT stands in the forefront in its commitment to the highest ethical, moral, technical and artistic standards of excellence. Instructors are qualified in teaching and/or performing, who must understand our mission statement, values, objectives and goals. The staff of CYT Riverside County strives to be excellent role models.

Every session (fall, winter and spring) CYT offers theater arts classes for children as an after-school activity. Each CYT across the country conducts three independent sessions throughout the year, teaching drama, voice, dance and a broad spectrum of specialty theatrical workshops at weekly two-hour classes. Financial assistance or partial scholarships may be available for those in need and sibling discounts are available to multi-children families. Enrolled students have the opportunity to work behind the scenes, or audition and perform on stage in a Broadway-style musical performed for the community.

Goals of CYT

1. Train children in the performing arts.
2. Build leadership skills.
3. Develope a sense of community and fellowship.
4. Provide a positive, Godly role models for students.

What does CYT offer?

CYT offers three sessions during the school year (fall, winter and spring) for children entering Kindergarten through Age18.
A wide variety of classes are offered (core classes in drama, voice, and dance, plus specialty classes which vary from session to session). CYT Riverside County offers small classes (usually 14-18 students) with adequate supervision both inside the classroom (teacher) and outside the classroom (CYT area coordinator). Each class lasts for two-hours and runs for 10 consecutive weeks.   During the last class week, students will present a portion of what they’ve learned in a "SHOWCASE" performance for family and friends. Every CYT student participates in the showcase.

Classes currently meet onTuesday nights in the Temecula area at Linfield Christian School


CYT Riverside County produces at least one Broadway-style musical for the community each session. Check out our SHOWS page for information on upcoming shows.

Enrollment in class provides students (ages 8-18) the opportunity to audition for one of the current productions that session.  Approximately 75 students are cast in each CYT Riverside County production.

Students that are not cast in the show are encouraged to participate in the production in other ways. Depending on age and ability, students (and siblings) can participate on the backstage crew, technical team, or the costume and make-up committees. Students may also choose to work at the concession stands or help usher.

CYT is a family oriented organization dedicated to providing entertaining activities which can involve the entire family. As such, at least one parent of each student cast in the production must serve on a Parent Production Committee. Without the support of parents, CYT could not produce high-quality community shows. Parents are the backbone of CYT!

What is CYT Summer Camp?  Well...maybe it's just one of the BEST experiences of your summer!  There's always something exciting happening for kids of all ages at CYT Riverside County! 

CYT Musical Theater Summer Camp is one of the most affordable quality musical theatre camps in California. Musical theater summer day camps are offered for students entering Kindergarten through Age 18.

School Day Shows
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